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Rochester Midland Corporation in the UK is a wholly owned subsidiary of the USA Corporation. Global HQ is based in Rochester, New York State and has been a leader in the specialty chemical manufacturing industry since 1888, having a pioneering position in the development of sustainable programs. We partner with our customers to provide integrated solutions to solve problems and help them reach their strategic business objectives and environmental goals.

Rochester Midland Corp

Rochester Midland Corporation

World Headquarters, 155 Paragon Drive, Rochester, NY 14624 USA

The UK head office, manufacturing and training facility is located in the heart of the South Wales Valleys in Cwmfelinfach, just outside Newport. We also have an Area Office based in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside with support and training facilities.

Rochester Midland Corporation Head Office

Rochester Midland Corporation UK Head Office

Unit 7, Nine Mile Point Industrial Estate, Cwmfelinfach, NP11 7HZ

Rochester Midland Corporation Oxford Office

Rochester Midland Corporation Oxford Office

The Courtyard, Willow Park, Farmoor, Oxford, OX2 9TX


Established in 1996 as a water and wastewater treatment company, Rochester Midland supports a technical sales team throughout the UK and Ireland. We have expanded programs that serve all manner of industrial applications, including Cooling Towers, Closed Loops & Chilled Water, Steam Boilers & Generators and Hot & Cold Water Systems. RMC are registered to the Legionella Control Association and are competent to give advice and services related to the control of Legionella.


RMC UK offers sustainable water management programs that are green, financially viable and add social value for the user and their community. They meet the 3 P’s of Sustainability (People, Planet and Profit). We will work with you to identify return on investment or joint process improvement approaches that include such things as increased heat transfer efficiency, reduced water use, safer chemicals to handle and improved wastewater treatment efficiency to name a few.

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